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Plug and Play TPMS

We have developed a new TPMS receiver which works from your USB. 

You can Plug to your Head unit, your phone or purchase with its own monitor. These are simple plug and play

The Facts

  • Did you know that Properly inflated tyres last 25% longer
  • Did you know that 10% to 15% fuel savings are realized when you your tyres are inflated to manufactures recommended pressures? 
  • Did you know that in  America last year , it was estimated that properly inflated tyres saved 660 lives, prevented 33,000 injuries and saved $511 million dollars in fuel costs

  • No more manual tire pressure readings. Before tire pressure monitoring systems, drivers had to always monitor their tire pressure with manual gauges. That meant kneeling down to each tire, taking off the valve stem cap, and inserting the tire pressure gauge. With Navall tire pressure monitoring systems, this is no longer necessary.
  • Increased vehicle value. A tire pressure monitoring system can add value to the vehicle, as a feature that saves on costs.
  • Better insurance rates. Because a tire pressure monitoring system helps with safety, it may lead to lower insurance premiums for your vehicle.

Check out our TPMS Section here and Ask about CLUB Prices !

A truly British tradition !

Be prepared for a treat ! Simon's fraternal triplets!

These 3 beauties All belong to one of our best customers ! 

Rover 75
Model: 2.5 V6 Connoisseur SE Highline
Colour: Tahiti Blue (metallic/pearlescent)
Interior: Sandstone beige leather


This car was bought by my partner, a former Coronation Street actress, in 2006 with 65k miles on the clock. It had been a company car before that. I subsequently took ownership and I use it as my daily car.


As I now own two others, I decided to modify the car and the modifications include: 

·      Highline Satellite Navigation system: WINCE head unit with digital TV, Bluetooth, CD, Mpeg, SD (replacing the original Highline Satellite Navigation system with analogue TV)

·      Wooden gear lever knob

·      5 x 16 inch powder coated fork spoke alloy wheels from the facelift version

·      LED rear light clusters

·      Walnut cappings on central dash, window and switch controls

·      Chrome additions to air vents and clock

·      MG ZT front bumper with unique 75 badge

·      Interior front foot well lights


In addition, the car has been re-sprayed, and received a new front windscreen, new front headlamp units and has been treated for anti-corrosion with Waxoyl.

 The car has covered 165,000 miles and doesn’t miss a beat.    


Rover 75
Model: 2.5 V6 Connoisseur SE Highline
Colour: Wedgewood Blue
Interior: Personal Line Neptune Blue leather / Ash Grey


This car was one of Rover Cars original launch vehicles. It has only covered 26,000 miles and is in almost mint condition. It has only had one owner since new and I acquired it in the summer of 2016. 

This car has almost every option Rover offered at the time including electronic traction control, electric sunroof and head lamp power wash with heated washer jets and retains the original Highline Satellite Navigation system with TV.

 This is my investment vehicle.


Rover 75
Model: 1.8T Connoisseur SE
Colour: Platinum Gold (metallic/pearlescent)
Interior: Sandstone beige leather

 This car has had three previous owners and only covered 60k miles. It has the Connoisseur specification which, unfortunately, for this engine size, didn’t include the Connoisseur spec for the 2.6 models ie Cruise control, computer, electric rear screen.